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Best Electric Scooters for Adults 2019

Scooters are not just for kids anymore, but for adults too. That is where electric scooters come in, which are starting to become a new popular transport trend – perfect for the commute to work and easy to navigate without taking up too much road space! Electric scooters can be great fun to ride, and easily get you from A to B in no time. This article will provide you with six of the best electric scooters for adults currently on the market.

Top 6 Best Electric Scooters for Adults At A Glance

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The Power core E90 electric scooter by Razor is one which packs some power! Razor prides themselves on providing the very best riding experience possible; therefore, with this electric scooter you are definitely guaranteed a good, enjoyable riding experience.


  • Increased ride time (2x longer than original E90)
  • Includes stand
  • 10 MPH speeds
  • 90 Watt Hub Motor
  • 80 Minutes continued use
  • Maintenance free


  • Cannot be used as a regular scooter
  • Some assembly required


Razor is all about innovation. Manufactured in Southern California, their scooters are built with the customer in mind, and created use cutting-edge technology together with high-quality materials, which ensure a product suited to evolving lifestyles. The power core E90 features a strong steel design, featuring innovative hub motor technology.

High-speed technology

As mentioned, Razor’s scooters are made with cutting edge-technology, and their Power Core E90 represents this. It features a push button throttle on the handlebars, allowing the user to have complete control over their speed limit. Brakes as well as a limiter help to keep the rider safe, making sure to keep within the 10 mph road limit.

Perfect for all ages

This electric scooter is suited to those aged 8 and above, and can hold weights up to 120lbs. It is therefore a great electric scooter for families and can be enjoyed by everyone!

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Best Electric Bike for 2018

Nowadays, cycling is becoming a popular trend. For those who desire an extra boost when cycling, electric bikes may be the answer! Whether you find cycling more difficult than you did in previous years, or perhaps you wish to start commuting to work without turning up sweaty and exhausted, these battery powered bikes are sure to give you the pedaling assistance you need! Here we have discovered three of the best electric bikes currently on the market, all of which are guaranteed to greatly improve your cycling experience in the future!

Top 6 Sellers At A Glance

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike


This Electric bike by Ancheer is manufactured in the USA, and provides you with a much easier way to cycle, taking your journey from tiring to effortless in an instant. Here we will take you through the Ancheer bike, a high quality electric Mountain bike made of 100 percent aluminum and high-strength carbon steel.


  • High quality design
  • Quiet motor
  • Removable 36V Lithium Battery
  • 250w High speed smart meter button
  • 4-6 hour charging time
  • 2 working modes
  • 1 – year guarantee


  • Battery must be kept indoors


Ancheer is all about quality. Their bikes are built with the customer in mind, and their bikes definitely tick all cyclist’s boxes. With a strong, durable design, the Electric Mountain bike is perfect for riding at a range of different speeds. Featuring its 21-speed transmission system, the cyclist can choose a range of different speeds to suit their specific journey, and with an added lithium motor they can easily ride up to 25-50km without even having to peddle!

Ergonomic Design

As previously mentioned, Ancheer’s bikes are made with quality, and their bikes show this. They feature strong attention to detail, from their handlebars to their adjustable seat and anti-slip resistant tires. This specific bike even features a bright LED headlamp and horn which makes it a safe bike to use even in the night.

Two working modes

Even though the Ancheer bike is an electric bike, it can also be used as a normal assisted bicycle; therefore, the user can also choose not to use the motor if they desire. This makes it a perfect option for those looking for a more traditional bicycle design, but with the option to add extra power when required!

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