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Benefits of Commuting with Electric Vehicles

An e-bike or e-scooter might be just the thing that you have been looking for to make the daily commute to work more fun, flexible, and cost effective. Not to mention, there is the more obvious overall benefit of positively contributing to the environment.

It is little wonder, then, that e-bikes and e-scooters have really benefited from a surge in popularity recently, with more of them being routinely seen on our city streets or being securely stored at train stations ready for the commute home. The trend towards e-powered commuting will likely continue, in part due to the fact that trains and buses get more crowded and expensive year after year.

So what exactly are some of the stand out benefits of going electric?

Well first, let’s talk about the undeniable fun factor. Who doesn’t love to get out in the open air, especially when the weather is nice? Commuting to work in the rain is never a barrel of laughs, but cycling or jumping on a scooter and beating all those down trodden passengers sure does feel good.

You’ll arrive at work not a grumpy, frustrated, and angry commuter raged robot after yet another morning battling for that ever elusive spare seat into the city, but instead a happy, vibrant, joyful soul, raring to go and get started on the day ahead. Sounds great if you are an employer right? It’s even better if you are an employee, as you will have saved some of your hard earned cash. Plus it’s powered by electricity, so in theory you’ll get to your destination cool, calm, and collected-not a sweat patch in sight!

Let’s just talk about clothing while we’re here!

Because you are not exactly exerting yourself to your full physical capacity, you can in theory, do away with the horrible tight lycra that clings to your middle jiggle for all the office to see when you unceremoniously arrive, all hot and bothered, helmet in hand with sweaty lycra stuck to parts you’d rather it wasn’t! Instead, you can rock up ready to roll already suited and booted, not an inch of wind swept hair in sight. Sounds good right?

What if you really enjoy the exercise though?

Well these days, of course you can buy a hybrid version of an electric bike so that should you wish, you can still get your daily calorie burn into the mix but save your energy on that steep upwards hill home that you used to dread. If you do want to be able to switch from manual to electric, then do your research and invest in a model that fulfils both of these requirements.

Money saving. That’s right, now we have your attention right?

It seems that every time you turn on the news these days, there is some headline about the hike in prices of petrol and fuel, or the perpetual cost increase in the rail transport system, not to mention the inevitable, almost daily delays and cancellations. Just think, no parking fees and less wear and tear on your car because it’s not being used as frequently. All of these benefits start to stack up and save you money. An electric bike or scooter is a viable alternative for the commute to work, and in comparison to a car, one of these would cost you pennies to maintain on the road. All you need to do is give it a charge and make sure you stay on top of its on-going maintenance, such as monitoring tire pressure.

It’s a cleaner, greener, and friendlier mode of transportation

If you think about the impact of global warming and your own carbon footprint, then we commend you; we love that you care about the impact you are personally having on the world around you. Compared to the various methods of openly available public and private transport, an e-bike provides a much cleaner and greener alternative which would allow you to make a valuable contribution towards change. Did you know that typically an average e-bike consumes fuel at an average rate of just 100 to 150 watts of electrical power? Compare that to a car where the figure sky rockets to around 15,000.

You could also end up getting to work more quickly

We’ve all been there. Queues, delays, missed trains, and even worse: regular cancellations. Commuting to work really can be a complete bore. Most large cities these days have an effective and ever increasingly large perimeter congestion zone which might have lightened the overall traffic load to some extent, but it’s an undeniable truth that rush hour is more like hell on earth hour.

You would quite literally be staggered at what the average mile per hour is in most cities on any given day. Way less than 20 mph, which means that on an e-bike or scooter you can get a head start and cut your own commute times down drastically. There are plenty of lanes and pathways now being set up to accommodate electric bikes, meaning that you can hop onto a fast track route that is out of reach for someone in a car.

Genuinely sustainable

Sustainability is a hot topic when it comes to the future of our fuel and our transportation options, and an electric vehicle is a genuinely sustainable mode of transportation which is set to increase both in popularly and accessibility. You can proudly be a part of global efforts to change the world one bike at a time, by ditching the car and jumping on your e-bike to commute to work. A bike’s fossil fuel consumption is zero, after all.

Effortlessly attack those steeper inclines

Sadly, it’s a fact of life that as we get older we might start to see our stamina and our strength wane a little and even those robust people among us most dedicated to fitness might have to admit that the daunting peak of a hill has them feeling less than overjoyed. There’s certainly no shame in being “assisted” by a little extra pedal power every now and then, particularly on those inclines. Before you know it you’ll be at the top of that hill without a single huff, groan, or grunt. In fact, you may well have sailed effortlessly passed someone much younger than you with a cheeky but friendly grin! Good for you. This all saves your legs and keeps your lungs from being on fire, too.

Let’s talk a little about anaerobic fitness

Earlier we touched on physical fitness, but let’s chat a little more now about the surprising reality. Sure a conventional bike will keep you fit, but chances are that you probably won’t get around to using it that often. So are you really going to end up getting fitter overall?

There’s solid research demonstrating the fact that while 46% of pedal powered bikes are only used once or at best twice a week, an electric bike is used 81% more over the same period whereas at least 33% of e-riders get out on their bike daily. Because you are also staying in an anaerobic rather than aerobic state on an e-bike, you are also more likely to keep within an effective fat burning zone. So whether you realized it before now or not, an electric bike could end up helping with your weight loss goals as well.

Benefits of commuting with electric vehicles

Let’s consider what is actually involved in your getting on the road. We already mentioned the beneficial cost savings when compared to a car for example, but what about all the red tape? You’re not going to need to do a new cycling proficiency course or hold some form of motorized transportation license, nor will you need to renew your Ministry of Transport (MOT) test, license plates, or annual insurance to ride one.  If you can ride a traditional bike or scooter, you can definitely ride an electric one. Just be safe and be seen, particularly if you are commuting at night.

Let’s take another look at the benefits overall

We can split the benefits of using an electric bike or scooter into four main categories; commuting flexibility, health benefits, lifestyle, and financial gains. We’ve already established the fact that an electric bike is a great way to get around town and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed without needing a shower or a second set of clothing.

Parking is a breeze, even for those of you who might normally struggle with your parallel parking! No endless driving around the block waiting for that perfect space to open up or paying exorbitant rates. Just lock up your bike at one of the many racks that are popping up around all of our cities, especially at busy stations and densely populated office areas, and you are good to go. Overall it’s less stressful, too, as there is no waiting in traffic which can set your blood pressure soaring and add to pollution.

You are most likely going to get to your destination more quickly, in a better mood, and not having had to spend any money. Already that sounds like a winning combination to us and a variety of reasons to go electric.

The health benefits of going electric

In the simplest of terms, you’ll probably just love your new bike or scooter so much that you won’t be able to stop going out on it! Whether it’s for commuting, trips to the grocery store, or visiting your friends and family, the crucial point is that you are going to get out and about more, becoming more active. Who knows, you might find that you’re not switching to that fully motorized mode as often as you thought you would.

Biking is also great for improving and maintaining coordination and balance, something that might start to falter a bit as you get older. In addition, you’ll be required to keep your wits about you at all times, especially if you are commuting on busy urban roads, so you will be more mentally alert as a result.

The benefits of feeling happier, sharper, and more energetic will just naturally flow into all aspects of your life as you enjoy getting on your bike and heading out into the fresh air. We are almost certain that you will end up feeling more relaxed and less stressed, which in turn is going to make you all the more productive at work.

Let’s take a final moment to consider the lifestyle impact, too

An electric bike or scooter is going to give you back a real sense of freedom and joie de vivre; you could call it a new found pep in your step. The more you enjoy cycling, the more likely you are to want to continue to try out new routes and explore. You might even end up with a new lease on life. With the obvious savings you’re also making on that daily commute, you are going to be so much better off at the end of the month.

Perhaps you’ll decide to invest that money back into doing something with your family and spending more quality time together away from your work. Don’t just think about your own commute either, with an electric bike or scooter you might find yourself volunteering for the school run, something that you used to avoid like the plague.

There’s nothing more soul destroying than being stuck in a car with hundreds of other parents at school when it’s time to pick up the kids. Not so with your e-bike, though. You can literally just whizz by, pop your kid in their seat and be headed to the park in record time.

So really, the benefits of switching to an electric bike are copious and more diverse than you might ever have considered. Isn’t it time that you got on your bike?!